Las Vegas – the Biggest Amusement Park in the World

Ever wondered why Las Vegas is called the Entertainment Capital of the World? Have you ever heard the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Las Vegas has a reputation for being THE place for entertainment. In fact seven out of ten of the biggest clubs in the United States are found in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has it all. Mention it, it is in Las Vegas. The city still has a drop of its earlier glamour but has evolved to include much more. It is slowly turning from an adult play park to a family play park due to the rising number of amusement parks and children's playgrounds. Families go to Sin city to enjoy the amazing children friendly hotels and entertainment centres. Nearly 30 million people go to Las Vegas every year, some gamble but many others enjoy what can only be called “the best amusement park in the world”. And what an amusement park it is. It has rides; it has a huge circus tent and many other attractions. Here is a small taste of Las Vegas Amusement Park.

The Big Apple roller coaster & Arcade

The Big Apple roller coaster & Arcade is positioned in New-York hotel and casino ( It has the world’s first roller coaster with a 180 degree heartlinedive and twist manoeuvre. It attracts an annual visit of nearly 1.4 million riders.

Circus Circus is a hotel and casino that is built like a huge circus tent. Inside you can find first class circus performances and an amazing indoors amusement park.

When families enjoy their daytime in the amusement parks, adults enjoy what can only be referred to as adult amusement parks with the huge selection of clubs and shows.


At the end of the day Sin City is known for its casinos. There are hundreds of them in the city; big and small and more casinos are getting upgraded. These casinos are offering a huge variety of games: From the exciting Roulette game, to the magical Blackjack, sizzling slots and fascinating poker. This city has them all. Today these games can only be found in the great casinos of the city but in the future it may very well be that the games will be offered legally on the internet as well. This will mean that you can play all the casino games that you want online. Fore example, playing online roulette in sites like will offer the extra convenience that Las Vegas Casinos currently lack, so you can play from anywhere in the world in your favorite online casino.