Europa Park

Europa Park sits on a 210 acre piece of land in south western Germany. It is the largest amusement park in Germany and the 2nd most visited (4.65 million visitors in 2011) amusement park in Europe, after Disneyland Paris. The park has been running since 1975 when it first opened its doors to the public. Europa has a total of 54 rides, 11 roller coasters and 9 water rides. The twelfth roller coaster is under way and will be opened on fifth April 2014, and a new water park is in the offing.

Main Attractions

There are numerous of attraction in Europa. The main and most visited are:

  • Enchanted Forest – This theme district is home to; Dwarf City – Kids fairy-tale ride, Hansel and Gretel House, Grimm Library – Experience Interactive 3D movie experience, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Witches House, Hydroelectric Power Station, The Golden Goose and many other attractions.
  • Adventure Land – another theme district featuring; Jungle Rafts – Tow boat ride, African Queen – Steamboat ride, and Water Fountains – Interactive water fountain display.
  • Children's World or Viking Land – This theme district will truly amaze kids and young adults alike. It features; Giant Slide Labyrinth, Viking Boat Ride, Viking Ship, Dino Merry-Go-Round – A carousel ride, Lighthouse, Open air children's theatre – Show venue.