Online Games

Games are great. That’s a fact. Health experts say games are a great way to teach people, more so young people, about life. Chess teaches strategy while games like Bingo can improve social skills in a competitive environment.

Computer games have become more popular with the growth of the internet and mobile phone technology. The increasing number of Smartphones with flash support is directly associated with the increase in popularity of online games. People love to play online. Millions of hours daily are logged on gaming sites. Forbes magazine reported that in 2012, online gamers logged 1.3 billion hours on the League of Legend game only. World of Warcraft came second after recording nearly 600 million in North America and Europe alone. The very fact that one game can record more than a billion hours in Europe and North America shows the fundamental shift sweeping through the industry.

Collectively, flash based games are the most played online computer games perhaps due to their free access and minimum technical requirements. These games are really easy to find and play. The can be found in free games portals like The most popular flash games are board games owing to their simplicity and common rules. Arcade flash games like, Q-Bert and Pac Man, come second followed by flash based multi-player games.

Categorically, Multiplayer online games register the most number of play hours. Games such as World of Warcraft, Matrix online, Guild wars, Star wars Galaxies are the most played and definitely the most profitable to gaming companies. Arcade games come second registering an overwhelming support too.