Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is located on a 262-acre piece of land in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California. It has been operational since 1971 and has grown ever since. In 2009, the park received 2.5 Million visitors and by 2013, it was listed nineteenth in the world in terms of attendance. The park had 18 roller coasters (The most roller coasters in a single park in the world). In 1976, it became the world’s first park to have a 360-degree steel looping roller coaster.

Main Attractions

Six Flags has nine themed areas each with its own distinct themed rides, attractions, and food venues.

  • Six Flags Plaza – These areas have gift shops, photo booths, food service venues, and guest relations.
  • Baja Ridge – This is a desert themed district with roller coasters.
  • Cyclone Bay – Visitors can engage in a myriad of different rides and midway games.
  • DC Universe – As the name suggests, this district is the DC comics universe themed and inspired.
  • Samurai comic – Enjoy thrilling roller coasters atop of a rugged hillside.
  • Rapid Camp Crossing - This district mimics a campsite in the American wilderness.
  • Colossus County Fair - This is the thriller seekers paradise. Enjoy three different gargantuan roller coasters.
  • Movie District – Inspired by popular movies. Watch movies, live stunts and climb staggering rock heights.
  • High Sierra Territory – Enjoy a train themed roller coaster ride.