Disneyland - Disney California

Disney California Adventure is an adventurous theme park owned by The Walt Disney Company. Disney California Adventure is located in Anaheim, California on a 72-acre piece of land. It is themed after the culture and history of the state of California. It opened in 2001, and by 2012, it was attracting 7.8 million visitors annually.

Main attractions

The park is divided into 8 districts each with a different theme.

  • Buena Vista Street – It is the first of the eight themed district. Buena Vista Street is mainly a Los Angeles in 1920s.
  • Paradise Pier – stands on a 15 acre piece of land (the largest district). The district is home to California Screaming’ roller coaster.
  • Grizzly Peak – Designed around the theme of California's wilderness and national parks (Yosemite and Redwood national parks).
  • Condor Flats - Condor Flats pays tribute to California's pilots and flight engineers active in 1940 - 1960s.
  • Pacific Wharf – Pacific Wharf is home to a Ghirardelli chocolate factory that is built to resemble the San Francisco chocolate factory.
  • Hollywood Land – Hollywood Land was inspired by Hollywood in the 1930s. It has a theatre and a 2000-seat Hyperion Theatre.